Here's how you do it:

Download the PUDO Shipping for Woocommerce Plugin here

- Install and activate the plugin as you would any Wordpress plugin.


Phase 1

- Navigate to Settings -> Pudo-Woocommerce Config

PUDO Account ID
This can be found on "Personal Detals" when logged in using the website.
If you are experiencing issues, please request this from - Please include the email you used to register your PUDO account

Please email

Please email

PUDO Test Mode
- If set to "False" - Live credentials need to be used.
- If set to "True" - Test credentials need to be used.

OSM Map Email
This can be left blank

Use OSM Map for Locker Selection
This must be always TRUE.


Phase 2

- Navigate to Woocommerce -> Settings

- Navigate to the Shipping Tab

- Add a Shipping Zone

- Zone Name = South Africa, Zone Region = South Africa

- Add Shipping Method

- Select "PUDO" on the dropdown menu and click "Add Shipping Method"

- Hover over "PUDO" and click "Edit"

- A PUDO Plugin config page will appear.

Shipping Method Title

Tax Status

Taxable - A tax breakdown of the shipping cost will be displayed on the invoice.
None - A tax breakdown will not be displayed on the invoice. (Shipping costs will be displayed incl Tax)

Select locker or address as source
Will your parcels be collected from a Locker or Street address?, please choose one that applies. If you select "Street Address", Address Fields will appear at the bottom of the page.
If you select "Locker", choose your preffered lockers below:

PUDO Locker Source 1
Select the Locker you usually use.

PUDO Locker Source 2
Select your second preffered Locker.

PUDO Locker Source 3
Select your third preffered Locker.

Generic waybill description
When enabled, a generic product description will be shown on the waybill.

Enable WooCommerce Logging

Check this to enable WooCommerce logging for this plugin. Remember to empty out logs when done.

Enable locker to locker special

IMPORTANT for Special Pricing currently running
Check this to enable the Locker to Locker promotion. XS: R50.00. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large: R60.

Name of Shop Contact
Shop Contact Name
(Example: Bob Smith)

Email of Sender

Shop Contact Email
(Example: - this needs to be the same email address used to register your PUDO account.

Phone of Sender

Shop Contact Cell - Important for PUDO deposit pins
(Example: 0712345678)
Please download the PUDO Shopify plugin here: PUDO SHOPIFY
Please see PUDO API documentation here: API Documentation